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19 décembre, 2006

Snow White by Edera Lady Goth

Classé sous Blanche neige,Dessin, peinture — deessedechue @ 15:10


2 Réponses à “Snow White by Edera Lady Goth”

  1. yassine dit :

    hi i know that david wersmon who found the baphomet or the cercl of pentagram and i knew too taht david liffi who open the temple of satanic in sanfransisco but that we dont konw them like the arabes peopel in 147 when the four kidman came to the lord for dont preyer and he ask him about the land that they will travel for site forever .while they went the lord went too with his soldats and theygo to the orets for will see the four kidman yes they found them with long hairs and dirty hand and it was the first depart of satanism in the world wese burn in the arabe peopels at 147 in the lord names almamoune of iraq that invaded now bye u.s.a

  2. Elvi dit :

    Bonsoir a toi!si tu aimes la culture goth jai un forum « l’Antre des Damnés » tu y seras la bienvenue!

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